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The cost of food, housing, transportation and healthcare in Aiken is 15 to 60% less than many major metropolitan areas and as much as 40% less than other popular retiree destinations, including the mountains and coasts of North and South Carolina. 

South Carolina consistently ranks in the top 10 best states for property taxes and transportation costs. Plus Aiken is statistically lower than other popular relocation destinations like Hilton Head, SC, Sarasota, FL, and more.

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Average Property Taxes

Healthcare Costs Compared

Comparisons of cost of living are remarkably low in Aiken when searching for your next relocation destination. Enjoy your earnings and live the lifestyle you desire to live without the overspend.

Property taxes are very low in Aiken. Taxes are based on 4% of the market value of a home, and homeowners 65 and older qualify for a homestead exemption that excludes the first $50,000 of their property’s fair market value from property taxes.

Technically advanced health care services delivered with a friendly hometown feel. Costs compared to national averages are considerably lower and conveniently located. here in Aiken.

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